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Design Tips

One of the best sources for design tips would have to be HGTV, with all of the design knowledge at HGTV you really can’t go wrong.  If you can’t find your style with one of their designers then I would be surprised.  There was a recent article on their website,, that offered a few really good design tips from one of the best, Candice Olson.  In the article she talks about choosing a design and designer that fits your style.  Here are a few of her tips summarized and if you want to read her article just follow the link from earlier.

Before Hiring a Designer

  • Find out what your likes and dislikes are.
  • Try to visit as many different styles as you can, figure out what you like or dislike about them.
  • Scrapbook some photos taken from your life or from magazines showing the styles you like.
  • It’s okay if you can’t describe your likes, rely on your photos to communicate your likes.

Create a Sample Board

  • A sample board helps you stick to your original style or vision.
  • Gather material and colors together to help communicate your chosen style.
  • Use a designer to help collect material.

Room Swap

  • A room swap is something that Mrs. Olson does quite a bit on her TV show.
  • Switch rooms or switch furniture within rooms.
  • Room swaps give a fresh sense on a room and the furniture within the room.

Look Around You for Inspiration

  • Commercial buildings provide great inspiration on styles you may have never seen elsewhere.
  • Homes of your friends and family are a great setting for designs in application.
  • The internet and television provide a phenomenal outlet for all things design, find TV shows to learn more. Read blogs for more styles and even ask questions, be interactive to learn the most.

All great tips from Candice Olson, learn as much as you can to help make sure your life and home are an enjoyable place to relax and invigorate as you deem fit.





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