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How Do We Operate?

  1. Receiving Service: Receiving a shipment is the process of checking the shipping label, packing list and delivery receipt for information that identifies the product for which we are about to sign for.
    1. During this process, we review information to verify quantity and condition of containers before we sign the delivery receipt.
      • If we agree with the information on the documents provided, we sign the delivery receipt without any exception notes.
      • If we are concerned with any aspect of the shipment, we make exception notes and then sign the delivery receipt.
  2. Inspection Service: DSG performs a complete out of carton inspection to identify problems or damage due to improper packaging or handling.
    1. During this process, we look at the visual appearance to determine if the finish is defective.
      • Please note that our warehouse lighting isn't comparable to natural or residential lighting.
    2. Upon inspection, DSG will record the shipment’s condition, and email a receiving record to you. Please review and advise if we lack a correct sidemark or other information.

  3. Receiving records serve a purpose in a designer's office and are most efficiently used with the following steps:
    1. Step 1: copy in job file
    2. Step 2: copy to accounting
    3. Step 3: copy in chronological file
    4. This way, you'll always know what has been received and what has not. Organized and ready to go! Individual receiving reports along with inventory reports are available.

  4. Warehouse Storage Service: after receiving and inspection service, your item will be placed in a storage location selected by the individual size or type of article received. This is done to provide safe and secure warehousing until the item is scheduled for delivery.

  5. White Glove Delivery Service: DSG prides itself in creating strict guidelines for our delivery team to follow when accomplishing your residential or commercial delivery. All we require is advance scheduling and a list of instructions so we can be prepared prior to the scheduled delivery day.

  6. Dock Pick Up Service: at your request DSG will provide either curbside or dock pick up service of items in your inventory. DSG does require prior notice to facilitate your request into our daily work schedule.
  8. Repair Service: When necessary, DSG will document any condition we see as unacceptable and submit pictures, description and supporting paperwork so you can determine a course of corrective action. When DSG is authorized, we will arrange for repairs and invoice you for our services.

  9. Invoicing: We will email our weekly billing invoice showing charges for the prior week’s service. Our invoice will be broken down by your client’s service charge and account totals for your cost accounting needs. Please stay current with our invoices as we require payments on a regular basis.